Software SWAT team for digital transformation

  • Need to build quick proof of concept in order to make further decisions?
  • Not sure how to start small and move quickly with your new software initiative?
  • Need boost for your existing projects?

We will help formulate and validate hypotheses for you to make data-driven decisions

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How we work?

Our software engineering team will work in short, one- or two-week cycles providing you with quick validation results and recommended options for further direction. Each cycle will give you just enough information to choose the next step with certainty.

This approach will help you avoid waste of time and budget on projects and features that do not bring value or do not lead into the right direction – especially given that the direction may change rather swiftly depending on external conditions.

Our team consists of a software architect, product manager, scrum masters AKA project managers, developers, designers and support engineers.

Our services that make our approach possible are listed below:

Project Management

Want to make sure that your project moves along smoothly without wasting time and money?

Our experienced project managers will help you:

  • Clearly define project goals
  • Assess project risks and opportunities, and make valuable recommendations
  • Navigate the ever-changing requirements and project goals
  • Preserve the expertise in case of changes in staff
  • Coordinate multiple teams.

Product Management

Want to focus on product ideation, vision and strategy but need someone to get those day-to-day tasks done?

Focus on the big picture while our specialists:

  • Analyse requirements together with the stakeholders
  • Identify dependencies and collisions, and find the ways to resolve them
  • Create UX prototypes and gather feedback
  • Analyse your product architecture and make recommendations on how to improve it.

Application Development
and Improvement

Not sure whether to implement from scratch, improve your existing applications or buy an off-the-shelf software? Feeling overburdened with the complex landscape of your legacy applications?

We’ll give you expert advice on your application landscape and help you with:

  • Process automation to reduce human error
  • Optimization of the development workflow (DevOps) for your teams
  • Integration of multiple existing systems
  • Development of new custom applications
  • Performance optimization, UX improvement, code review and refactoring
  • Knowledge transfer in form of documents, intranet pages or training sessions in person.


Can’t be there for your users when they need you to?

We’ll provide the necessary support for your software application and cloud infrastructure.

In particular:

  • Prompt response in good English
  • Extended business hours across the globe
  • Professional ticket tracking and tools
  • Skype and phone availability for high-impact SLA
  • Proactive identification and resolution of the problems
  • Communication and coordination with other teams, if necessary.

About Us

Founded in 2011, Teammate.Exec is a small, nimble team of software engineering professionals present on both sides of the Atlantic - in the USA and in Europe (Latvia).

We start every new project with engaging our most experienced team members, until things are sorted out, streamlined and can be carefully delegated back to you or to our support team members. Our expertise in facilitation and knowledge transfer makes the transition smooth and effortless.

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More About Us

Our Technology Stack

Frontend: React, Vue.js.

Backend: Node.JS, .NET, PHP Laravel.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB.

CRM software: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, GoldMine, SalesForce Lightning.

Other: The Atlassian Stack, Cloud (IaaS, PaaS), Amazon Web Services, Speech Recognition.

Core Team Members


Natalie Lihacova, CEO 20+ years of experience in managing people, processes and projects. 15 years of CRM-related experience. Best known for her excellent organization skills and building healthy work culture.


Andrew Grishin, CTO 14+ years of experience in infrastructure and software design and development. Key areas of expertise: software architecture and development, on-premise and cloud infrastructure, DevOps/Agile principles and methodologies, technical team leadership.

What Our Clients Say

We were considering a strategic alliance with another organization and needed assistance with the review of a customized web-based application. Natalie and Andrew conducted a high-level but deeply considered evaluation of the platform and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and impressive IT know-how throughout the process.

We are confident that we will be working with Natalie and Andrew again in the future.

Robert Kingsbury
Director of New Program Development,
Academy of Learning

We worked with Natalie for a number of years, she helped our company integrate our CRM system into our business processes.

We all appreciated her ability to listen, to understand our needs and respond in a timely manner with the best solution. She and her team were always supportive and willing to go the extra mile for our business so that we could obtain the full benefits of our CRM platform.

Helene Lloyd
Director of TMI consultancy,
Moscow office

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